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From investment point of view,

our price is one of the most competing prices among the same-class quality products.
We would like to compensate for your risk with the lower price. Your risk is caused by our non-brand product. However, it would be proved within the shortest time that your choice is right. All your colleagues or your management will like its lighting quality very much and they will praise your intelligent choice, because your investment will be returned soon.

From economic lighting quality point of view

Lanser LED lamp shows the lowest power consumption.
It means the brightness per watt is one of the best product in the market , that makes you to enjoy more cost saving than other LED product.

Also, Lanser LED lamp shows the best antiglare homogeneity.
It makes your business site to become much more comfortable, brightly soft, as if you have done the requested renovation.

When you install our LED in your business site, your colleagues and your guests will feel much more comfortable than under other LEDs.

From service point of view

we can offer all kinds of service, such as consulting, installation, financing, product customization, etc.
You will feel very convenient when both of us work together.

For example, when you change the current neon product to our LED without investment, we can discuss it. You just pay for the same electricity cost as before. The difference is that you just pay for the saved cost, generated by our LED product, to our financing partner.
Also, if you want to adjust the brightness of our standard LED or want to change its color, we can do it easily, according to your request. We call it customization.
Moreover, when you want new LED product according to your technical requirements, we can realize it. In other words, we can design and supply it to you.