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Lanser Displaytech is a company specializing in Development & Research activities for company-oriented LED lighting products.
We can realize your special requirement by customization when needed. Our LED Products will not only satisfy your customers with the most comfortable lighting quality, but also contribute strongly to cost reduction of your company.

We are established in Wiesbaden, Germany since 1997.
The LED production is done in South Korea. We produce from LED Packages to LED application product, such as modules and lighting products. This enables us to keep stable LED quality control.

We purchase the lighting fixtures from several European companies in which we assemble our LED components into, and deliver the finished luminaires to our customers.

Our philosophy is to have customers feel comfortable with price, quality, installation, after service and investment.

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Tel: +49-(0)611 20775
Fax: +49-(0)611 20795

We can offer our consulting to your projects, requirements at any time.